Wisdom Tooth Extraction

An impacted wisdom tooth manifests when these molars encounter an obstruction that thwarts their proper emergence into the oral cavity. This common occurrence often results from neighboring teeth exerting pressure or from the tooth’s misalignment, preventing it from assuming its intended vertical position.

Addressing impacted wisdom teeth often necessitates wisdom tooth extraction as the primary solution. The complexity of the procedure hinges on factors such as the extent of impaction and the angle of the affected tooth. The extraction process can range from relatively straightforward scenarios to more intricate surgical interventions. The choice between local anesthetic, general anesthetic, or sedation is contingent on the individual circumstances and the patient’s comfort level.

At Oxbury Family Dental, our unwavering focus lies in ensuring the utmost patient comfort throughout the entire process. We recognize the apprehensions associated with dental procedures and take proactive measures to alleviate any potential discomfort. Our resolute commitment to pain management is woven into our ethos, exemplifying our dedication to providing an empathetic and virtually painless experience for each patient. Your well-being remains at the core of our approach, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to compassionate care. 



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